Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for alpine skiing, basketball, sideline cheer, and hockey until midnight on Sunday, November 15.  Registrations received after the due date will incur a $25 late registration penalty. 


In order to participate in any tryout, practice, or game, all athletes must complete the following:

  1. Complete registration through the online registration portal.   (Click link for directions on setting up or accessing your family account)
  2. Have a current physical (within 3 years) uploaded or on file with the athletic office.  (See below for information about uploading a physical)
  3. View/attend the winter athlete and parent meeting.  Date, time, and Zoom link to be announced.  (Hockey and alpine ski meetings may be hosted on a different day by the school who hosts the co-op.)


Team Information

Tryouts occur for all high school level teams (Varsity/JV/C).  Family accounts will be refunded for those not making the team.


Season Start Date


Contact for More Sport Information

Alpine Skiing – Girls 7th – 12th (Co-op with St. Croix Prep)

Monday, Nov. 30


Thor Nelson rdippel@stcroixprep.org

Alpine Skiing – Boys 7th – 12th (Co-op with St. Croix Prep)

Monday, Nov. 30


Thor Nelson rdippel@stcroixprep.org

Basketball – Girls 7th - 12th

Monday, Dec. 7


Greg Wilson Greg.T.Wilson@fisglobal.com

Basketball – Girls 5th - 6th

Monday, Dec. 7


Jed Moseman jedmoseman@newlifeacademy.org

Basketball – Boys 9th - 12th

Monday, Nov. 23


Tony Taylor


Basketball – Boys 6th - 8th

Monday, Nov. 30


Jed Moseman jedmoseman@newlifeacademy.org

Hockey – Girls 8th - 12th

(Co-op with Woodbury HS)

Monday, Nov. 30

$400 or $200*

Sara Bustad


Hockey – Boys 8th – 12th

(Co-op with Gentry Academy)

Monday, Nov. 23


Joe Cullen joe.cullen@gentryacademy.com

Sideline Cheer – 7th – 12th**

Tuesday, Nov. 10


Angela Moorman angelamoorman@msn.com

Strength and Conditioning# – 8th – 12th

Boys and Girls from 3:15-4:15 M-Th

Monday, Nov. 2


Dan Kvitrud




!7th and 8th graders will begin practice with the high school program.  After the first few days of practice, coaches will determine the best level of competition for each player, either remaining with the high school JV/Varsity or playing against middle school level competition.

^Middle school basketball will operate as an "intramurals plus" program this winter.  Teams will be formed, practices will be held, the majority of competition will take place against other New Life Academy teams.  See the InFocus update for more information.

*If you reside in the South Washington County Schools boundary, you will be refunded $200. 

$The total fees are determined by Gentry Academy after teams are established.  Register now with no fee to take place in tryouts.  A fee will be assessed after teams are formed.

**Tryouts took place last spring and early this fall.  No additional positions on the team are available.  Registration is required for those who have already made the team.

#Athletes who have registered for a winter sport are enrolled in strength and conditioning automatically and may choose to take part in workouts prior to the beginning of their season.  Athletes not registered for a winter sport who wish to use the weight room must register for the strength and conditioning activity.  Coach Kvitrud will establish a schedule of lifting days and times for boys and girls.


Physical Examinations

If you have a new physical or are registering for the first time, please upload the physical examination file and enter the date of the physical examination during Step 4 of the Registration Process.   If your physical date has expired or will soon expire, you will be notified by the Athletic Department.



For NLA teams, practice and game schedules will be updated online as soon as possible*.  For co-op teams, please contact the coach or co-op host for schedule details.


Options to access schedules for New Life Academy teams:

1. Full Game & Practice Schedules: New Life Athletics Calendar

            a. Click “View Schedules” to select specific teams/schedules

            b. Click “Notify Me” to setup email/text alerts

2. Download the rSchoolToday Activity Scheduler app

            a. Select MN

            b. Select Skyline Conference

            c. Select New Life Academy

*Middle school basketball schedules won’t be available until early-December.  Expect 2-3 practices per week (not Wednesdays).  Games may fall on any night of the week or on weekends.



Transportation policies outlined below exist for the safety of all students and liability for families.


High School Games: Transportation is provided to most away games when the team leaves directly from school.  Athletes may ride home with their parents after a game but must check with their coach.  Occasionally there may not be a bus home from a game but that will be communicated ahead of time if the situation arises. 


Middle School Games:  Transportation is provided to most away games that begin earlier than 5:30 pm on weeknights.  Parents will be responsible for their student’s transportation to any away games that begin later than 5:30 or on weekends.  Transportation back to NLA may or may not be provided based on distance and fan policies at opposing schools.



Full Refund will be given when:

  1. An athlete does not make a team after the tryout process.
  2. An athlete chooses to not participate on a team or suffers a season-ending injury within the first 7 days from the start of the season.

50% Refund will be given when:

  1. An athlete chooses to no longer participate on a team.
  2. An athlete suffers a season-ending injury after the first 7 days of the season have passed but within 28 days from the start of the season.

No Refund will be given when:

  1. A student elects to not participate on a team after the first 28 days of the season. Season-ending injuries will be evaluated case-by-case on the amount of refund to be given.



Bylaw 208.00 Non-School Competition and Training (Team and Individual Sports)

1. During the High School Season:

Cross Reference: Bylaw 411.10.C Definition (End of Season)

A. A student who is a member of a high school team may not participate as an individual competitor or as a member

of a non-school team in the same sport during the high school season. Participation Definition: Participation is

defined as practice, training, scrimmaging, tryouts and competing. Exceptions:

1) Baseball, softball and skiing.

This comes into play mostly with 7th and 8th graders who may be on a high school team.  No student-athlete can be a member of a high school team (Varsity/JV/C) and a non-school (club, AAU, traveling) team in the same sport at the same time (except for baseball, softball, and skiing as noted above).  Please contact the Athletic Department with questions.